The artist.....


Carol has an Honours Degree in English and Drama and a Diploma of Education, both put to good use in her career as a teacher at tertiary, secondary, primary and junior primary levels. She has been President of The Children’s Week Committee and worked at Arthritis SA as an Education Officer.  She wrote a self management book for children and presented this at a conference in Singapore.


Apart from a short term dabble in the arts when her children were very young, and planning art lessons for children, she only took up the paintbrush 3 years ago. She has always been interested in design and absracts and her painting reflects this. She is motivated by challenging themes, social commentary and different perspectives of the world. As a relative new comer to the world of art Carol loves experimenting with techniques and tools and is enjoying the learning process.


The board member.....


Carol took on the role of editor of the PCAC Newsletter in June 2015 when Emerson Ward could no longer act as editor.  She hopes her skills as a teacher and her work in the community with children and adults will help her to be a valuable a valuable board member.




Carol Spargo

Newsletter Editor