Lance achieved success in the late 80’s–90’s providing detailed art works to discerning clients under the name of “Laszlo’s Studio”.  His medium of preference at that time was fine Pen and Ink and Pencil works covering such eclectic subjects as St Peter’s Cathedral, the Victor Richardson Gates and Mansions close to Adelaide as well as the” Falie” and “One and All”.  He also produced numerous animal studies in oil pastels.


He has now returned to his passion of creating art but has moved into working with Acrylic paint.  His web site is about to go on line and he now operates under the name “Laszlo’s Art Studio”.  His works are  eclectic, realistic and cover such subjects as landscapes (i.e. Champagne at Santorini, Timber Jinker, Forgotten Dray, Ross Castle), marine (Frigate in a morning storm, Falie) and historic scenes (Day Trippers 1917, Buggy – Burra 1913).


His aspirations are to bring into being art work that stirs his soul and generates true enjoyment in its creation.   His philosophy also embraces the need for art to say something to both the painter and the appreciator of the work.  


Lance accepts commissions and that too has been a positive and rewarding challenge.  In respect to commissioned work he discusses the subject in detail so as to obtain an agreed understanding to what is expected.  He also undertakes research and presents working drawings to the commissioner.  When the working drawings are accepted then the principal work is commenced. 


He works from his own studio and enjoys fellow artists dropping in for a natter (and some decent coffee). Art lovers interested in his works are likewise welcomed. 



Memberships:         Adelaide Art Society ,  Port Community Art Centre



2012   Rotary Club of Blackwood 

2012   Black Diamond Gallery

2012   Adelaide Art Society

2012   Black Diamond Gallery 

2013   Adelaide Art Society

2013   National Railway Museum


Contact details & website:

Mobile:      0416 074701



Lance’s art       -      click on   title to view that image

1.     Timber Jinker (Acrylic)

2.     Frigate in a morning storm (Acrylic)

3.     Champagne at Santorini (Acrylic)

4.     Spirit of Progress (Acrylic)

5.     Japanese Koi (Acrylic)

Text Box: Lance (Laszlo) Bokay