Port Community Arts Centre is pleased to acknowledge other art groups, galleries,

suppliers and others and provides these links for visitors to explore:


Click on a green link to go to that website or white, to e-mail that organisation.



Art galleries and  groups                    Art Gallery of South Australia 

                                                                 Gallery M

                                                                 Arts SA                                          

                                                                 Burnside Painting Group

                                                                 South Australian Watercolour Society        

                                                                 ASSP Gallery



Art suppliers, etc.                               Eckersley's

                                                                 Port Art Supplies

                                                                 Art to art       

                                                                 Art Stretchers (Art Spectrum)

                                                                 All Frames and Mirrors (E-mail)


Artists                                                 Chris Pisani

                                                                 Lyn Robins

                                                                 Gerhard Ritter

                                                                 Alan Ramachandran

                                                                 Barbara McGuire


Others                                                PAE Council

                                                                 Seniors Wotodo website

                                                                 LeFevre Noticeboard


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