Ursula remembers always wanting to draw and paint from a very young age.  An innate gift recognised and acknowledged in her school years culminated in the late teens with a Scholarship from the then well known South Australian School of Art.


She continued her exploratory creativeness into adulthood, impelled and captivated by the world she saw.  Her works range from Portraiture (commissioned, as well), full figure studies, still life, flowers, landscapes and any other subject that ignites an emotional "pull".


Ursula works with various and many mediums dependent upon a "feel", guided by the subject at hand, ranging from realism, semi-abstract to abstraction.  She has exhibited at Black Diamond Gallery, winning a first prize award and also receiving numerous merit and people's choice awards. She also gained  acceptance into the Royal South Australian Society of Arts Portraiture Prize Exhibition and has exhibited at the Adelaide Art Society and St. Michael Fine Art Exhibition,


Ursula is a Board member of the Port Community Arts Centre a practicing member of the Royal South Australian Society of Arts, a member of  the Adelaide Art Society and also the Pastel Artists of South Australia.


She sees the future as holding boundless possibilities to further personal creative expression for herself and for others, hopefully to appreciate and enjoy.   


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1.     A Child's Innocence    

2.     Pears  Ensemble   

3.     Leaves And Shadows   

4.     Autumn Leaves 




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