Mandi Glynn-Jones

Deputy Chairman & Youth Coordinator

The artist…..


Born in Barry, Wales, Mandi completed a degree in Fashion and Textile Design at Leicester in 1982 specialising in printed surface textiles.  Emigrating to Adelaide, in 1983, she was employed in the design studio of Actil Ltd until the arrival of her three children…her greatest achievement ! 


Art has always played a major part in Mandi’s life, such as, painting murals for school playgrounds, cartoon painting for Channel 4 UK, creating stimulating learning environments and resources for primary education, picture book illustration, etc.  This year Mandi’s personal artistic journey has blossomed primarily due to joining the Port Community Arts Centre.  Always influenced by Eschers fine pen work, she has been encouraged to step outside her known area with both life drawing and large works in acrylics. 


The board member…..


Having been employed as a chef and now a handyman, Mandi hopes that her skills may be of use and is thrilled to be a part of the art community.  She looks forward to being able to contribute with a positive and enthusiastic spirit !