Mick Freeborn

Secretary, Membership & Website

The artist…..


Mick has always had the urge to draw and paint but, when puberty kicked in, his attention turned to other things.  Retirement afforded him a lot more leisure time and he has relished the opportunity to continue his art.


He prefers watercolours as they present a challenge, every time, but would like to try oils and acrylics in the future.  Mick is not particular, regarding subject matter, but his love of native plants will always provide him with something to paint.


The board member…..


Mick had been actively involved with community-based organisations for over fourteen years when his retirement and the resumption of his art provided him with the opportunity to continue in a helping role.  He has been a board member for five years and seeks to raise the profile of PCAC to a much higher level within the community.