Text Box: Mick Freeborn

Mick has always had a creative urge and, as a teenager, pursued it keenly. However, as he grew older sport, cars, alcohol, his job, raising his own family and a thousand other things distracted him from that path. Forced early retirement saw him resurrect his art and he diligently applies himself to the watercolour medium as often as he can.


Having bee a long-time secretary of the Australian Plants Society has left Mick with an abiding love of native plants and they are his favourite subject matter although lately his themes have changed and he now paints just about anything. Over the last eighteen months he has been learning with Alan Ramachandran in an effort to increase and hone his skills and to expand his painting styles.


He says there is hope for him yet !



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Email:               mickfr@arcom.com.au


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1.      Banksia cuneata

2.      Brachychiton Paradoxus                                                                

3.      Ptilotus at the Olgas

4.      Geoff’s Mustang

5.      Gouldian Finch