David is an innovate and experimental artist with creative ideas and, like most artists, aims to engage awareness / emotion / feelings in the viewer.  The extra dimensions in his work are tension and organics. His work must have energy or contradiction – there is the norm, the average, the setting and there is a schism, a thrust, a danger, a radical which gives life and energy to the painting.  He paints inanimate objects like rocks and machines as if they were living, had skin and have a connection with people.  He also enjoys experimenting with a variety of media and techniques to get the feeling he wants to express in the art he creates -  everything from

house-paint rollers and brushes to bricking and tiling trowels.


David likes strong urban and industrial energy.  He makes art to music; sometimes loud and often the shapes on the canvas emulate the sounds and usually has several projects on the go at one time.



Off The Couch Art Studio Inc.                        Port Community Arts Centre.

Juxtapose Studios                                          Royal South Australian Society of Arts (provisional).



Different Strokes IV Exhibition, Birdwood, 2012, 13 &14                               Gallery 1855, Tea Tree Gully, 2012/3 & 2013/14

Port Adelaide Rotary Exhibition, 2013 & 2014                                                Victor Harbor Rotary Ex, Jan 2013 & 2014

GOYA Exhibition, Gallery 1855, Tea Tree Gully, 2013                                  St Peters Cathedral Exhibition, Adelaide, 2013

Jazz Event (J Cooper, G Golla, K Purling), Park Lands                                 Hive 12 to 24 Modbury: Solo Photographic: 70 Graffiti Images

Festival Centre Art Space Gallery Ex/Comp, Adelaide, 2014 (Finalist)


Contact details & website:

Email:          TasteArt@bigpond.com

Websites:    http://www.juxtaposestudios.com.au/artist-profiles/davidbaker


Davids art         -      click on   title to view that image

1.     Ages of man

2.     A walk in the park

3.     Having a ball, one minute from the CBD - Priceless

4.     He’s still in front

5.     Rough stuff

Text Box: David Baker